Birthday Pet Bandana designed exclusively by Peach & Pooch
Has your pooch or moggy got a special day coming up? Peach & Pooch's Birthday Bandanas are perfect for celebrating their big day! Each bandana is hand painted with wording of your choice, finished with a handmade pom pom and matching satin ribbon.
Bandana sizes range from teeny tiny to extra large. The size you choose is up to your own preference! Have a look at our bandana size guide to help you. Custom sizes are available - please get in touch if you would like specific sizing.
Teeny Tiny: suitable for mini dachshunds, chihuahuas
Small: suitable for cavalier king charles spaniels, pugs, border terriers
Medium: suitable for spaniels, cockapoos
Large: suitable for labradors
Extra Large: suitable for chow chows, german shepherds

Birthday Pet Bandana

Pom Pom Colour
  • Every care is taken to make each product perfect for you and your pet, but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product is suitable for their pet and to check for daily wear.