Those of you who follow our Instagram stories will know all about our HQ hogs - Tabitha and her chef babies; Heston, Gordon and Pierre. 

Tabitha came to Peach & Pooch HQ after having her leg amputated. She was found with a very damaged leg which couldn't be saved and the best option for Tabitha was to amputate. She was making an amazing recovery and putting on weight ready to be released in to our enclosed garden, when Tabitha surprised us all by giving birth to babies!

We were lucky that Tabitha was a fantastic mum, and with a little help from us (and the shelter of our garage as well as a constant supply of food and water), all three babies grew into three perfect mini hoglets! Tabitha has now left her babies and is living a happy life in our enclosed garden. Unfortunately, because she lost her leg she cannot be released properly, but all three of her babies will be released once they are up to weight.

Has Tabitha's story inspired you to help hedgehogs? If you ever find a hedgehog in need of help, give your closest vets a call and find a hedgehog rescue to give you some advice. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society website also has some fantastic advice for hedgehog helpers!

Tabitha inspired our 'Feeling Hedgey' design (well she has lived with us now for three months so far!) We love all of our designs, but this one has a special place in our hearts.

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